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  • UNMATCHED ORGANIZATION Why do survival backpacks out there keep all their supplies in a jumbled mess of disorganization? The Responder Survival Backpack different from any other survival system out there. This emergency bag was designed for optimal organization with personalized pouches and GridNet system. Food, Water, and Personal Items are evenly divided and stored in dedicated pouches for each person. This means quick access to any disaster preparedness supplies in the Responder.

  • TRUSTED BRANDS The safety of your family is of the utmost importance when a natural disaster strikes. A survival kit for families and the gear that comes with it should be made by a brand that lives preparedness. With over 5000 5-Star reviews on our first aid kits and outdoor products, you know that your family's safety is in good hands. We have also partnered with the Lifestraw and SOS Emergency, to provide you with the best water filter, water sachets and food bars on the market

  • THE ESSENTIALS Standard Go Bags for 2 people simply don’t have what it takes to survive for 72 hours. These bags are sloppy, come with a cheap first aid kit, minimal supplies, and low-quality survival gear. The Responder takes preparedness to the next level. Custom engineered from durable tarpaulin material, this emergency kit delivers on all of the essentials: the right amount of water, food, and survival gear to weather Natural Disasters.

  • PACKS A PUNCH This bag isn’t light at 27 pounds for good reason-it’s designed to withstand whatever nature throws at you. That’s because it contains the right amount of food and water and gear for two people for three days. It's better to carry more on day one, so you can survive until day three. The Responder is designed with ergonomic handles and straps to ensure weight is evenly distributed so you can carry it comfortably and concentrate on what matters most, surviving those critical 72hrs.

  • ABOVE AND BEYOND The Responder is the only 72-hour emergency kit that provides you with a dedicated compartment for your laptop and personal documentation, plus a front-zipper-pouch for quick access to personal items. It is important to plan ahead; that’s why the Responder also comes with an emergency guide for your family to complete and have on hand.

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At Surviveware, we think preparedness, we live survival, and we breathe first aid. Our kits are loved by thousands and thousands around the world. We are a small family run company that has become a trusted brand in the backpacking, camping and preparedness world. With quality products and care, we ensure each customer gets what they paid for and is treated like family.


  • It's the most durable bag in the market with 600D polyester and quality zips.
  • Each inner sleeve is organized by category. During times of need, get to the right items quickly. After items are used, easily see what needs to be replaced.
  • We encourage people to add their own items; you have a little extra space available for your unique requirements.
  • Each person is unique. A pocket separated from the other sleeves will safeguard your personal medication.
  • Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. A lot of other companies have tried to copy our kits, but they always fall short.
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Anthony T.
United States United States
he Responder 72 Hour Backpack for 2 People

Exceeded my expectations in quality of construction and all the items in the backpack. I purchased First Aid Kits from Surviveware this past year (2020) for plane and backpacking and decided to get this pack for my airplane, but can also be used if needed as a "Bug Out Bag". All products that I have purchased has been great and you add the best customer services support that I have experienced and you have my business and I continue to recommend Surviveware to all my aviation and backpacking, camping friends.

Edward W.
United States United States
Outstanding Setup, Organization, & Quality

Outstanding setup, organization, and quality. In short, this is how I describe the combination of the Surviveware Responder bug out bag with the Survival and Waterproof First Aid Kits. I am a Wilderness EMT, firefighter, technical rope and swiftwater rescue technician, have built and owned numerous bug out bags over the years, and 100% believe in being prepared at all times. The time of need is coming, not if but when. So when the need arises, I believe the Responder bug out bag system will be one of my most trusted allies. This is the best bug out bag that I have ever seen. It is rugged made of high quality material and durable construction, and is very well organized for quick access to locate what one may need in any emergency when seconds count,,, and may be the only thing that stands in the way between life and death during circumstances of immense confusion and high pressure. This combination of the Responder bag and the molle attached Survival and Waterproof First Aid Kits contain most of the basic essential items needed for two to survive unassisted in most environments for up to 72 hours. While it by no means includes everything two may need for full comfort and security, the included items are generally of higher quality than others I've seen or purchased on the market. And other items can be added to the bag as there is additional space to personalize as desired to meet one's individual need. The weight of the bag combined with the two referenced first aid kits, at a little over 30 pounds, is comparable to standardized recommendations for acceptable loads in outdoors packs. This bag also provides for a comfortable ride with the combined lower back padding and evenly distributed chest/waist strap combination. When it comes down to it, all one can really depend on is themselves and their personal gear to get them through sticky situations... and I believe the Responder system is of the best pre-made bug out bags on the market! Now for the Surviveware customer service, which is ultimately why I went with the Responder bag in the first place. I believe that customer service is paramount in everything in life and the reviews of this company's service seemed to be impeccable. I'm here to confirm that the reviews I read weren't over-reaching at all. I've purchased five different items from Surviveware in the last two weeks and have received over a dozen emails from Amanda in the same timeframe personally informing me of shipment statuses, inquiring about confirmation of receipt of the same, and if I needed any assistance. I've never had any company provide that level of service before... well, maybe on a high end cruise ship... and if you've ever been on one of those, then you know where I regard Surviveware's level of service to be! Surviveware is awesome and I very highly recommend them to all!!!

United States United States
The Responder back pack

This is a complete back pack unlike the other more expensive uncharted backpack that doesn't even include water! That was just one of the reasons I purchased surviveware Responder. Thank you

Survival Backpack Large First Aid Kit Small First Aid Kit Survival Kit (Camo) Trauma First Aid Kit Waterproof First Aid Kit
Dimension 20" x 14" 10" 12" x 8" x 6" 7.5" x 6" x 3.5" 12" x 8" x 6" 9" x 6" x 6" 9" x 7" x 4"
Weight 27 lbs 3.25 lbs 1 lbs 3 lbs 1.8 lbs 2.25 lbs
MOLLE System
Bag Material 600D Tarpaulin Bag 600D Polyester 600D Polyester Bag 600D Polyester Bag 600D Polyester Bag 600D TPU Bag
50 Piece Mini Kit X X X X
First Aid Guide X X
FDA Approved
FSA/HSA Eligible


Ask a Question
  • What is the weight of the back pack fully loaded with all supplies?

    27 Pounds! It's a lot but we have tons of water in, better more water than less in our opinion and as you go, the pack will get lighter as you consume the water.

  • Do you sell this and/or your other bags just stand alone empty bags? And= Are all of them (including internal bags) waterproof? Or water resistant?

    Currently, we don't sell the bags separately. :) The bag is made of waterproof tarpaulin material while the pouches are water-resistant.


    Hi Kathy,

    Yes, if you order today this will reach you before Christmas :)

  • What are the dimensions of the backpack? To how large and small do the backpack straps adjust? Is there an expiration date on the water and food?

    Hi Wendy.

    The backpack is 20" x 14" x 10". Food and water supplies have a five-year shelf life.

  • Is this product HSA or FSA eligible?

    Yes! Our Survival Backpack is now FSA and HSA eligible!

  • Does this include any n-95 masks?

    Yes, they include two N-95 Masks.

  • Could you please send me a list of what is in the "THE RESPONDER 72 HOUR BACKPACK FOR 2 PERSONS". Thank you.

    The Responder comes with Water Pouches(2), each with 9 US Coast Guard approved water packs. Food Pouches(2), each with a total of 3,600 calories of US Coast Guard approved food bars. Personal Pouches(2), each containing goggles(1), poncho(1), wet wipes(15), female hygiene items(3), whistle(1), and sleeping bag(1). The GridNet system stores a knife(1), tent(1), paracord(1), duct tape(1), weather radio(1), cable ties(10), splint(1), match set(1), glow sticks(6), Lifestraw(1) and the Surviveware Small First Aid Kit(1) is stored inside the dedicated First Aid Pocket.