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  • SURVIVE THE DUST, SURVIVE THE SWEAT Why are the Surviveware Wet Wipes the REAL Solution to your camping and hiking hygienic needs? 
    Surviveware was founded by backpackers and we use our products every day. By creating excellent products, we are merely scratching our own itch. 
    Whether at home or taking extended hiking trips, we test our products to make sure they are the best. 

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY! The problem with most baby wipes is they shouldn't be left behind after use. Our wipes solve this problem. Why? Because our camping wipes are 100% biodegradable and start to decompose after 28 days and can take up to 6 months to a year to fully degrade, which is far shorter than 100 years for baby wipes as they contain almost indestructible plastics. Leave no trace behind and always take your trash with you, but if you really can't take your wipes with you it's good to know they can be buried.

  • HEALTHY SKIN! Unlike other wipes that dry out your skin, our wipes are Hypoallergenic, PH Balanced, Alcohol-Free with Natural Aloe and Vitamin E. This means your skin will stay healthier and nourished for longer. 

  • ALL SKIN TYPES WELCOME! Our unique recipe is gentle enough for sensitive skin, yet strong enough for the mud-caked mountain biker! 
    This means you can use our wipes on yourself, the kids and the baby without worrying about skin irritations. 

Clean up like a champ after a long day on the trails!

Don't let a bit of mud get you down!

Use them anywhere, anytime

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Our wet wipes are heavy because they are packed full of moisture. This makes you feel clean and refreshed. However, on a long hike when every ounce feels like it weighs a ton, you need to pack light. That's why we are proud to announce our brand new wet wipes that come in a 4-pack. This means only taking one of the bags for a weekend trip. Each bag comes with 15 wipes so you have more than enough to get the job done.


  • Unlike other wipes that dry out your skin, our wipes are Hypoallergenic, pH-Balanced, Alcohol-Free, with Natural Aloe and Vitamin E. This means your skin will stay healthy and nourished longer.
  • Our unique recipe is gentle enough for sensitive skin, yet strong enough for the mud-caked mountain biker! You can use our wipes on yourself and the kids without worrying about skin irritation. The last thing you want is to break out with a rash while enjoying the outdoors.
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Mary W.
United States United States
Biodegradable Wet Wipes! A must on camping trips!

We love Surviveware’s Biodegradable Wet Wipes! It’s on our must-list to have on every camping trip as well as hiking trips. It’s large, durable, and just has the right amount of wetness for any type of use!

Brant r.
United States United States
The best wet wipes

These wipes are my favorite. Best for camping or on the road. Wipes are bigger than your typical wet wipe and no overbearing scent. Highly highly recommend. Customer service has also been amazing.

Aida C.
United States United States

Yeah these are great for after runs when I can't shower right away or when we go camping. No weird smells or residue left on your skin. The wipes can be a little hard to get out at first but it's no big deal. Side note: even though they are biodegradable you should always take the used ones with you to throw away properly.

Biodegradable Large Pack Wipes Biodegradable 4-Pack Wipes Biodegradable 40 Single Wipes Biodegradable Compressed Wipes Biodegradable Small Pack Wipes
Degrades Naturally
Weight 1lb per bag 0.5lb per bag 0.4 Oz per Wipe 0.2 Oz per Wipe 0.5lb per bag
Wipe Size Large Large Large Large Large
Ideal for Posterior Pampering
100% Viscose
Aloe Vera X


Ask a Question
  • How much does the Large Wet Wipes weigh?

    It weighs about 17 ounces.

  • Do these contain alcohol?

    Our biodegradable wipes are alcohol-free.

  • What are the uses for these? Dishes, fabrics, plastics, metals, etc?

    Mostly used for cleaning the skin, but great for anything else you need clean while camping too.

  • What are the dimensions of the wet-wipes?

    Hi! Each wipe is 8" x 12", large enough to clean your entire body.

  • Do these kill germs?

    They don't as they don't contain alcohol.

  • how long will the large pack wipes last unopened?

    They have a 2 year shelf life.

  • Can these be flushed?

    We would not recommend flushing these, your pipes might get clocked up.

  • Are these antibacterial

    They are not, as they don't contain any alcohol.

  • Do these disinfect?

    It does not, they do not contain alcohol.