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DURABLE, STRONG AND DESIGNED TO LAST Made from 600D Polyester this first aid kit come in the strongest bag in its price class. Our large stainless steel scissors can cut through clothing or seatbelts and forget about flimsy plastic containers that crack under pressure. Invest in a soft kit to save space.

COMPACT, LIGHT AND PORTABLE. The kit comes with 100 essential basic lifesaving items while weighing only 1 pound. It measures 5.5 x 7.5x 3.5 inches and can fit into your car’s glove box. The MOLLE compatible straps on the back allow the user to wear it on other bags or your belt. Take it with you on road trips, hiking backpacking, camping, traveling or keep your own safe at home, school or the workplace. Water resistant bag and waterproof inner laminate bags protect all items against moisture.

WATERPROOF INNER CONTENTS. The bag is water resistant and all inner items are protected from water in durable laminate pouches.

ORGANIZATION IS KEY DURING TIMES OF CRISES Each inner sleeve is labeled according to its function. During stressful situations, all items can easily be retrieved and afterwards replaced in an orderly fashion. You also have a separate zip pouch for your own prescription medication.


  • It's the most durable bag in the market in this price class.
  • Each inner sleeve is organized by category. During times of need, get to the right items quickly. After items are used, easily see what needs
  • to be replaced and keep your bag organized for the next use.
  • We encourage people to add their own items; you have a little extra space available for your unique requirements.
  • Each person is unique. A pocket separated from the other sleeves will safeguard your personal medication.




Relax around camp while in the wilderness, knowing you have the right tools when life throws a curve ball.

The Small First Aid Kit comes with the right tools to keep your loved ones safe. Trekking solo? This kit offers versatility and quality supplies. Traveling in a group? Each person should have their own kit in case they get separated. Not everyone travels prepared and disaster strikes in a flash- with this kit, you have the right gear to rise to the occasion and save the day.

What's inside the kit?

Quality First Aid Supplies:

6" Shears(1), 600D Polyester Bag (1), Alcohol Wipes (3), Antiseptic Wipes (4), Butterfly Closures (5), Adhesive Bandages:Butterfly – Small (5), Butterfly – Large (5), H-Shape (5), Large (2), Mini (5), Standard (20), Square (5), Cotton Gauze Swabs (3), Cotton Swabs (10), CPR Pouch with Instructions (1), Emergency Blanket (1), Eye Pads (2), CPR Breathing Mask (1), Crepe Bandage (1), Hypoallergenic Tape (1), Nitrile Gloves (1), Medicine Laminate Mini Bag (1), Personal Medicine Mini Bags (5), PBT Conforming Bandage (1), Safety Pins (4), Splinter Probes (2), Strip Wound Closures (3), Sting Relief Wipes (3), First Aid Guide (1), Triangular Bandage (1), Tweezer (1), Whistle (1)

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  • We offer a 30 days 100% Satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Please contact us for return requests.


At Surviveware, we think preparedness, we live survival, and we breathe first aid. Our kits are loved by thousands and thousands around the world. We are a small family run company that has become a trusted brand in the backpacking, camping and preparedness world. With quality products and care, we ensure each customer gets what they paid for and is treated like family.


  • It's the most durable bag in the market with 600D polyester and quality zips.
  • Each inner sleeve is organized by category. During times of need, get to the right items quickly. After items are used, easily see what needs to be replaced.
  • We encourage people to add their own items; you have a little extra space available for your unique requirements.
  • Each person is unique. A pocket separated from the other sleeves will safeguard your personal medication.
  • Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. A lot of other companies have tried to copy our kits, but they always fall short.
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Laura S.
United States United States
Good Product

I have been looking for a small medical kit for emergencies and this one is perfect. It has all anyone would need for small emergencies. The product came fast and was as expected. Would definitely recommend anyone order from them.

Susan C.
United States United States
There is none other like it!

As long as Surviveware is the only company who labels their first aid kits so well, they will have no competition whatsoever. All I have to do is open the kit and show it to someone and they are instantly saying 'WOW!' and coming close to see it. What they each notice - and we all love so much as well - is how the construction of the kit holds onto everything! I can't count how many times I've opened a first aid kit (and not in a panic over an emergency either, just opened it) and everything popped out like it had springs on it! Not this kit! Even my 14 year old grandson was wowed and asked me to send a link to his mum who lives in the country on a ranch. Ideal place to have several of these, and at least the large one! I bought the smallest kit as I live alone and in town. It's so worth the price. In my case, being a "be ready" nerd, I just bought the small one and one back up refill package! That should do me for a while, and I'll be happy to replace those supplies any time to keep this kit. I've thrown out every other kit I've ever bought in my 60+ years. There really just isn't a First Aid kit out there that beats any one of these by Surviveware. And who needs to leave home to need a good, reliable, easy to understand and use First Aid Kit?

Randel L.
United States United States
Just what we needed

My spouse and I needed a small, organized, user friendly first aid kit. This fit the bill to a T.

Small First Aid Kit Large First Aid Kit Survival Kit (Camo) Survival Backpack Trauma First Aid Kit Waterproof First Aid Kit
Dimension 7.5" x 6" x 3.5" 12" x 8" x 6" 12" x 8" x 6" 20" x 14" 10" 9" x 6" x 6" 9" x 7" x 4"
Weight 1 lbs 3.25 lbs 3 lbs 27 lbs 1.8 lbs 2.25 lbs
MOLLE System
Bag Material 600D Polyester Bag 600D Polyester 600D Polyester Bag 600D Tarpaulin Bag 600D Polyester Bag 600D TPU Bag
50 Piece Mini Kit X X X X
First Aid Guide X X
Extra First Aid Kit X Mini First Aid Kit X Small First Aid Kit X X
FDA Approved
FSA/HSA Eligible


Ask a Question
  • How do I tell when the kit items expire?

    Hi. The item's packages have labels that include its expiry date.

  • Are there price breaks for purchasing multiple units?

    We do, please contact me at info@surviveware.com to tell me how many units you require.

  • Hello Survivorware! I love the products that I recently bought and was looking to purchase two of your small first aid kits, but they are sold out! 😥 Do you happen to know when they will be back in stock?? Love these things and need a few for our cars! Thanks and great products!

    We are back in stock! Feel free to order right away :)

  • Hello, I have been using my first aid kit and I am in need of refills how do I get that?

    Hi. We are currently working on replacement kits so you can buy the exact items you have already used. I'll let you know once we are there.

  • Hi guys, do you ship overseas (Switzerland)?

    We sell these in the UK.

    Can you import from Amazon.co.uk to Switzerland perhaps?

    Here's the link:


    Since it's already in Europe perhaps that might make it easier for you as this is considered a medical device, but I'm not sure if Brexit will work against this.

    Please let me know.

  • can i call by phone?

    Yes, our number is 703 910 5188.

  • Greetings! Regarding your Small first aid kit: I was curious if you ever sell just the empty bag, without the first aid supplies? I LOVE these labeled kits! I have a larger one, but I would like a more compact size for my car. But I don't need the first aid supplies. Have plenty of those (in duplicate) and the LAST thing I need is more bandaids! Thank you!


    At the moment we only sell the full bag with supplies included at the moment, unfortunately.