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    It all started in 2015 when our two founders came home from spending a few years traveling the world. We learned a lot from our travels and all the miles left a scar or two. We are proud of every one of them, but we wish we had planned ahead. We investigated countless backpacking and hiking first aid kits to help us in a pinch, but take up little space in our rucksacks.

    Although there were various products on the market, none of these had the x-factor so we designed one ourselves. Today, we have expanded our brand of products to help any adventurer be prepared for their travels. We only create quality products because we use them ourselves. When we find ourselves on the road, the last we want is to carry around subpar gear.


    Our mission can be summed up in three brief sentences:

    We produce the best products in the market

    We provide 5-star customer service

    We give back to others

    We leave a legacy