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    Surviveware Trauma Shears Show Early Signs of Success

    The Surviveware trauma shears make early breakthrough, reaching 50 reviews after recent release on Amazon. Read more

    Surviveware First Aid Kit Reaches New Level of Success

    Surviveware, a popular survival and adventure wares company, celebrates receiving its 700th review of its first aid kit on Amazon. Read more

    Tourniquets Used to Save Lives at Las Vegas Shooting

    Another devastating mass shooting underscores the need for ordinary citizens to know trauma first aid, including tourniquet application. Read more

    Shooting in Las Vegas

    Concertgoers Were the Heroes at the Las Vegas Shooting

    In the confusion of the Las Vegas mass shooting, civilians bystanders came to the rescue of those injured, providing first aid and hospital transport. Read more

    Las Vegas Shooting

    Top Adventure Gear Brand Launches First Aid Kit in Canada

    Surviveware, a leading retailer of outdoor safety gear, is pleased to announce that its best-selling first aid kit is now available for purchase on Amazon Canada. Read more

    Surviveware First Aid Kit Hits New Benchmark on Amazon

    Surviveware, a leading adventure and outdoor wares company, has reached a new benchmark on Amazon, surpassing 600 reviews from customers for its Small First Aid Kit. With an average rating of 4.9/5, Surviveware’s Small First Aid Kit is the highest rated in its category. Read more 

    Are You Ready For Hurricane Irma?

    The Six Best First Aid Kits

    Which first aid kit is the best choice for the outdoor enthusiast? Outdoorgearlab researched over 60 models and put the top 6 to the test. Read More

    Outdoorgearlab First Aid Kit Review


    The Best Small First-Aid Kit and Where to Get it

    When you’re packing for a camping or hiking trip, one thing you mustn’t forget to include is a first-aid kit. You’ll be roughing it for a few days and there’s no telling what might cross your path. Although you will be transporting other essential equipment already, even the best small first-aid kit won’t take up much space in your backpack. Read More


    Easy To Attach MOLLE System


    Surviveware First Aid Kit by Backyard Adventures

    Just as important is the knowledge of how to use the first aid kit if something does go wrong. The best first aid kit is the one you know how to use. Read More


    Backyard Adventures - Surviveware First Aid Kit


    Category 5 Hurricane Irma is Roaring Towards Florida

    Another hurricane is on the way and heading straight for Florida - are you ready? Here are 25 tips to weather the storm. Read More


    North Korea War Threat Spurs Sales of Emergency Preparedness Items

    As war with North Korea looms after missile launch over Japan, there is a spike in survival goods sales. Read More




    Surviveware First Aid Kit Reaches New Landmark

    Surviveware's First Aid Kit receives 550 reviews, a new milestone for young adventure gear company and an average rating of 4.9 stars. Read More





    Surviveware has just launched their brand new trauma shears and offers a 50% discount to tester and influencers. Read More More than Half of US Employees Not Trained in First Aid

    A recent AHA survey found more than half of US workers have not received First Aid or CPR/AED training. Read More




    Above-Average Hurricane Season Predicted for 2017

    American Red Cross advises emergency storm preparation ahead of above-average 2017 hurricane season. Read More

    Hurricane Season to be rough this year


    Emergency Blankets as Effective as Dragonglass Against White Walkers

    A recent review from a Brother of the Night's Watch confirms emergency blanket effectiveness against all elements north of the wall. Read More

    Emergency Blankets effective against White Walkers


    Adventure Company's New Emergency Blankets Reach Small Milestone


    Surviveware's Durable Emergency Mylar Blankets continue to prove their value online celebrating a small milestone with only 5-star reviews. Read More

    Popular First Aid Kit Celebrates its 500th 5-Star Review

    The Surviveware First Aid Kit just received its 500th positive review on Amazon, making it the highest rated first aid kit of its size in the market. Read More

    Surviveware First id Kit Soars on Amazon

    Scientists Predict Above-Average Hurricane Season this Year

    This summer it's better to be prepared before it's too late. Many people affected by the storms will be stranded without the necessary supplies and first aid kits. Read more

    Hope you are ready and prepared.


    Leasing First Aid Kit Proves its Waterproof Capabilities

    The Surviveware First Aid Kit is not only water resistant but is waterproof and also floats after a recent water test. Read more

    Surviveware First Aid Kit Water Test

    Leading Adventure Wares Retailer to Launch Quality Emergency Blanket

    Surviveware, a leading outdoor and adventure wares retailer, announced today the release of its new emergency mylar thermal blanket on the Amazon marketplace after months of research and design. Read more

    Surviveware's Emergency Thermal Blanket


    200,000 Kids are Sent to the Emergency Room Each Year from Playground Accidents

    A five-year study on playground equipment by the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) was recently released with alarming data on playground accidents, as well as safety guidelines. Read more

    Playground Safety and Guidelines


    Combat Tourniquet Leads Competitive Field as Number 1 New Seller on Amazon

    Surviveware, an outdoor adventure preparedness company, is pleased to announce its Combat Application Tourniquet is the #1 New Release Tourniquet on Amazon.com. Read more

    When One Tourniquet Is Not Enough



    Small First Aid Kit Continues to Reach New Heights on Amazon

    Surviveware, an adventure preparedness company, is pleased to announce a new level of achievement on Amazon.com, the online retail giant. Today, Surviveware’s First Aid Kit reached 400 customer reviews, with 93% of the reviews being five stars, making it the highest rated first aid kit of its size. Read more

    Survey Shows Many Parents Feel Insecure with Their First Aid Skills

    A recent British study revealed that almost a quarter of parents do not feel they know how to administer infant or child first aid. Children, especially infants, rely on their parents for every need. In addition to learning basic first aid skills, which every parent should do before having a baby, and taking refresher courses every two years, it is wise to take all precautions to safeguard the home. Read more 

    First and CPR Training


    20% of Parents Will Experience an Emergency Situation at Home

    While 20% of parents have encountered an emergency situation with their children at home, most of them did not know how to administer basic first aid, and 60% of all homes did not have first aid kits. The study advised that parents enroll in a first aid course, so they can safely and appropriately give aid to their children in an emergency, in a calm and composed manner, as well as, stock their homes with a first aid kit. Read more

    First Aid Training For Boyscouts


    Car Emergency Necessities Every Driver Should Have on Hand

    It is essential to keep a small stockpile of emergency items in the car, in case of an accident or an unforeseen event. Having these items on hand could be the difference between a minor or a major incident. Not all cars have the space to hold a ton of emergency supplies, but having these four below will fit in any car and make a difference should you find yourself in an accident or emergency. Read more 

    Car vs Motorbikes in Accidents

    Police Officers Praise Individual First Aid Kit

    Emergency preparedness is crucial. For professional like military personnel and police officers faced with dangerous situations on a daily basis, being properly trained and prepared is crucial. Read more 

    Small Adventure First Aid Kit Makes Breakthrough on Amazon

    Surviveware, producer of high-quality, rugged first aid kits, celebrated a recent breakthrough on the Amazon platform, receiving its 250th review. This is a particularly notable achievement, as the Surviveware First Aid Kit has only been on the market for five months. Read more

     Be Prepared for an Ice Storm in Nebraska and Iowa

    Ice and snow storms are a regular occurrence in many parts of the country right now. Today, there is a warning of freezing rain, ice and snow across much of the Midwest, from Kansas all the way up to Wisconsin. Thick layers of ice are expected to form in parts of the Midwest overnight, greatly impacting road conditions. Further, the high winds could lead to fallen tree branches or power lines, adding to the danger. Read more

    Surviveware First Aid Kit Nominated in Top 10 List of First Aid Kits for 2017

    After Spending 39 hours on research, Ezvid has compliled the top first aid kits for 2017 and Surviveware is right at the top. Read more 

    First Aid Kit Preparedness Checklist for Winter

    As North America braces for a long winter, it is important to be fully prepared for the snow and ice the season brings. Snow and ice are dangerous whether one is on foot, or driving in a car. Even rain can be dangerous, as the freezing temperatures cause puddles to freeze, creating a slick ground for our feet and wheels to pass over. Read more

    First Aid Kits Sent to Aid at North Dakota Access Pipeline

    Protesters celebrated a major victory in their push to reroute the Dakota Access oil pipeline away from a tribal water source, but pledged to remain camped on federal land in North Dakota, despite the government deadline to leave, to ensure the government would not renege on their promise.   Read more

    First Aid Kit Company Reaches New Heights

    Surviveware, producer of the popular small first aid kit, has just received its 200th review on Amazon with 93% of them being 5-stars. This is after Surviveware upgraded their flagship kit with more serious emergency items such as a tourniquet, an emergency blanket, large adhesive bandages, eye pads and an emergency whistle.  Read more

    First Aid Kit Manufacturer Vows to Pay Profits to Charity

    Surviveware, manufacturer of first aid kits and outdoor products, announced today their promise to pay $1 for every product sold to Hands Free, a charity that uses 3D printers and public hand designs to print and donate prosthetic hands to veterans and children across America. Read more

    Survival First Aid Kit Gets Approval from Trauma Nurse and CPR Instructor

    Surviveware, a producer of first aid kits and other adventure equipment, announced today the positive reception of its improved first aid kit. Surviveware upgraded the kit for more serious emergencies to include items such as a tourniquet, an emergency blanket, large adhesive bandages, eye pads and an emergency whistle. Read More

    Leading First Aid Kit Upgraded and Launched on Amazon

    Surviveware, a leading outdoor and adventure-ware Company, announced today the release of its upgraded first aid kit on the Amazon marketplace. After months of product re-design and manufacturing, the improved kit is finally available to all customers. Read More

    First Aid Kit Upgraded with More Emergency Items

    Surviveware, a leading outdoor and adventure brand, announced yesterday a plan to upgrade its first aid kit. The small first aid kit was launched on Amazon at the start of September 2016 and after only 45 days on the market, brand spokesperson Amanda Condry announced the plan to enhance the wildly popular first aid kit. Read More

    Surviveware: A Small Company with a Big Heart

    Surviveware, a leading retailer of small first aid kits, is proud to announce another successful month in its partnership with Room to Read, a not-for-profit organization spreading literacy and gender equality through education in developing countries around the world. Surviveware donates $1 for every product sold to this great charity. Read More

    Survival First Aid Kit Leads with Design and Quality Craftsmanship

    Surviveware, a leading retailer of survival products, has reached more than 100 positive reviews with their first aid kit on Amazon. Since its launch on August 1st, 2016, the kit has received 100% positive reviews with 92% of the reviews being 5-stars. This is a testament to their quality product and service. Read More

    First Aid Kit Exceeds Expectations on Amazon

    Since being released on Amazon at the end August 2016, Surviveware’s First Aid Kit by has been awarded an average 4.9 stars in evaluations arriving from 67 validated Amazon Marketplace customers. 91% of all reviews ranked the first aid kit with five stars and 9% with four. Read More

    New First Aid Kit Design Shows Promise

    Surviveware, a leading outdoor and adventure wares company, announced today the release of its new first aid kit on the Amazon marketplace after many months of product design and manufacturing. Read More