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What inside the Survival First Aid Kit:

Detailed List of Inner Supplies

600D Polyester Bag, CPR Pouch with Instructions, One-Way Breathing Mask, Six Inch Shears, Tweezers, Emergency Blanket, Whistle, Triangular Bandage, Hypoallergenic Tape, Eye Pads(2), Crepe Bandages(2), PBT Conforming Bandages, Alcohol Wipes(3), Antiseptic Wipes(4), Sting Relief Wipes(3), Butterfly Bandages - Medium(5), Butterfly Bandages - Large(5), Strip Wound Closures(3), Knuckle Bandages(5), Large Rectangular Bandages(2), Mini Bandages(5), Square Bandages(5), Standard Bandages(20), Cotton Gauze Swabs(3), Cotton QTips(10), Safety Pins(4), Nitrile Gloves(1), Splinter Removal Probes(2), Cotton Balls(10), Personal Medicine Baggies(6)

Shelf Life of Supplies

This video details the shelf life of the perishable items found in the Survival kit:


First Aid Guide

The Survival kit does not come with a Printed First Aid Guide, however, when you join our VIP list you get one sent to you for free. Interested? Just text the word "TACTICAL" to 72000 and send us your order number. We will send one to you for FREE!.


How to close the Knife